Through the power of words, images, and environments, we express meaning and build movements. We partner with clients who share our commitment to vibrant places and thriving people.

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 Prolific architecture firm SCB was in the midst of growing—and grasping for a new voice. Ummo helped it speak with confidence. Read More

Renewable energy leader FirstLight is committed to a carbon-free future. Its new brand projects the clarity and conviction needed to spark an energy revolution. Read more
When architecture firm ParkFowler Plus launched earlier this year, it burst with the energy of a startup. But its experience and portfolio brought the gravitas of a well-seasoned practice. The woman-led, next-generation firm approached Ummo to help it convey a sense of optimism and ambition—while paying homage to a long legacy. Read more

Evolutionary brand. The new identity pays visual homage to the legacy of the practice with crisp, rigorous typography. The slash that once conjoined Murphy and Jahn now leans into the future—making space for what comes next. Read more

A clinical-stage biopharma company, Aramis Biosciences convenes world-renowned experts in ophthalmology and immunology. Ummo developed a crisp visual identity and website that introduces a revolutionary approach to ocular surface disease—and is easy on the eye.

200 years young. It’s hard to overestimate the influence of Frederick Law Olmsted on the shape of contemporary cities. Ummo is thrilled to help make sense of Olmsted’s legacy as a bicentennial date approaches. Read more

A ribbon runs through it: Boston’s leading policy consortium on coastal resilience needed to communicate a vital message. Working with a coalition of civic agencies, scientists, and private sector leaders, Ummo developed a powerful brand and website, balancing the rigor of policy with the urgency of action. Read more

A spectacular new waterfront destination, The Bay Sarasota is the city’s new front porch. To emphasize connection to the region’s ecology, Ummo worked with the landscape architecture and planning team to integrate vegetation-inspired etchings and interpretive text throughout the park’s surfaces. Read More

Situated between Las Vegas’s renowned Strip and its reviled sprawl, the campus of University of Nevada, Las Vegas, needed to project a clear, distinguishable identity. Working with university stakeholders and a campus planning team, Ummo redefined the campus experience to be more clear, consistent, and welcoming.

An object in motion. Innovator BioSensics is transforming in-home care for countless patients. Ummo is helping to tell that important story. Read more
How Frank Lloyd Wright ate his porkpie hat. The creative enclave of Oak Park, IL, is renowned for its architectural and literary legacy. But it was time for its story to be retold—with volume, wit, and optimism. Read more

Can architecture contribute to healthy people and healthy places? Ummo helped Houston-based Rivers Barden Architects articulate the answer.

The next best thing since disposable diapers, Nula is revolutionizing childcare. Ummo’s user experience design helps parents and sitters connect and conquer the business of childcare, leaving more time for what really matters.

In Veraine Veritas. A new community strives to be a model of the good life. Before the first shovel is even in the ground, the brand is already hard at work. Read more

Peace piece. Women’s marches across the U.S. raised questions about how public spaces foster—or discourage—civil society. Through a bold visual campaign, these crucial questions have been emblazoned across the political sphere, prompting reflection and action. Read more

Welcome to a model city. In the parlance of contemporary maker culture, cities are crowd-sourced products. So why shouldn’t city models also be built collectively? Read more

Some of the most daring experiments in materiality take place at Woodbury University’s Institute of Material Ecologies. Its visual identity sets the tone.

The brand of Inflection Architecture restates the central concerns of this visionary architectural practice: space, sight, light, and detail.

Of art and nail polish. A journey to visualize one of the great cultural districts in the U.S. began with craft paper and plenty of nail polish. Read More