Through the power of words, images, and environments, we express meaning and build movements. We partner with clients who share our commitment to vibrant places and thriving people.

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New work: Branding Olmsted at 200. It’s hard to overestimate the influence of Frederick Law Olmsted on the shape of contemporary cities. On the eve of a bicentennial date, Ummo is thrilled to partner with a consortium of parks stewards to examine and reimagine Olmsted’s complex legacy. Olmsted spaces remain powerful platforms for expression and belonging—as in BAMS Fest in Franklin Park, pictured, which highlights the culture of communities of color. Read more

No message can be clearer than the Six Feet series of posters that Ummo created to help people stay safely distant during the coronavirus pandemic. Download

By developing sensors that monitor gait, posture, and other biometric markers, BioSensics transformed in-home care for countless patients. But when time came to transform its storytelling approach, the healthcare disruptor came to Ummo.

How Frank Lloyd Wright ate his porkpie hat. The creative enclave of Oak Park, IL, is renowned for its architectural and literary legacy. But it was time for its story to be retold—with volume, wit, and optimism. Read more

We're creating—even when we aren't working on projects. See what fuels, inspires, and delights us.

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Peace piece. Women’s marches across the U.S. raised questions about how public spaces foster—or discourage—civil society. A visual campaign writ these questions large, er… bigly, across the political landscape. Read more

Can architecture contribute to healthy people and healthy places? Ummo helped Houston-based Rivers Barden Architects articulate the answer.

The next best thing since disposable diapers, Nula is revolutionizing childcare. Ummo’s user experience design helps parents and sitters connect and conquer the business of childcare, leaving more time for what really matters.

In Veraine Veritas. A new community strives to be a model of the good life. Before the first shovel is even in the ground, the brand is already hard at work. Read more

A creative co-working space, the Incubator at Sasaki connects community leaders with design resources.

Welcome to a model city. In the parlance of contemporary maker culture, cities are crowd-sourced products. So why shouldn’t city models also be built collectively? Read more

Some of the most daring experiments in materiality take place at Woodbury University’s Institute of Material Ecologies. Its visual identity sets the tone.

The brand of Inflection Architecture restates the central concerns of this visionary architectural practice: space, sight, light, and detail.

Of art and nail polish. A journey to visualize one of the great cultural districts in the U.S. began with craft paper and plenty of nail polish. Read More