Ummo is a multidisciplinary branding studio driven by purpose.

Through the power of words, images, and environments, we express meaning and build movements. We partner with clients who share our commitment to vibrant places and thriving people. By listening and designing with empathy, we deliver deeply resonant, genuine brand experiences.

Based in Boston and serving clients nationwide, the studio works on complex branding challenges in a co-creative setting.

A woman-owned practice, Ummo is led by a diverse team that represents a range of talents, cultures, and perspectives.


We care deeply about the impact that our work makes. That’s why Ummo’s purpose-driven approach is rooted in engaging thoughtfully with our clients and their communities; in listening intently for meaning and emotion; and in experimenting incessantly in our design, writing, and making.


As a multidisciplinary studio, we bring a continuum of skills and disciplines to projects. Ummo’s small team is as facile as a Swiss Army knife—in a characteristic single branding project, we wrote copy in multiple languages, made craft-paper cutouts, prototyped wayfinding kiosks, designed a rideshare app, and created marketing collateral on the fly. 
We do our best work when a client tasks us with a big challenge and inspires us with an important purpose.

Contact us if you are looking for a partner in:

  • Branding a mission-driven enterprise
  • Visualizing a complex place, idea, or relationship
  • Guiding and delighting visitors to a public park or an exhibition
  • Imagining a placemaking strategy for a community
  • Designing user-centric digital products and interfaces
  • Creating an identity for a new site or structure
  • Planning a campaign or a public program
  • Engaging communities in a planning and design process


Neda Movaghar

Neda is a partner at Ummo. She is passionate about place branding and visual communications. Neda’s portfolio features award-winning brands, campaigns, and environments that elevate the reputation of clients and enliven the shared spaces of their communities.

Matt Uminski

Matt is a partner at Ummo. He has extensive experience in branding, print, and environmental design. Trained as an architect, Matt focuses on projects that enhance the user experience of built spaces and the public realm.

Philip Barash

Philip is a brand strategy adviser at Ummo. He focuses on building resonant and authentic brand experiences. An accomplished writer, curator, and placemaker, Philip guides clients in envisioning and defining the essence of their brand, building public consensus, and developing editorial and visual applications.