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How Ummo is helping a biotech pioneer transform clinical trials

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A healthcare industry disruptor, BioSensics is changing the way that clinical trials are done. Through use of wearable sensors and mobile health technologies, BioSensics has revolutionized the clinical trial space, enabling monitoring, managing, and reporting biometric data in real time. As the company reached an inflection point, its scientific team invited Ummo to refresh its branding.

To capture the complexity of BioSensics in a brand required Ummo to learn firsthand, to navigate regulatory contexts, and help envision a better, healthier world. Spending time with scientists, technologists, assorted medical professionals, and funders, we began to see the contours of the healthcare universe—and understand BioSensics’ extraordinary contribution. And we also knew that we would need to guide its editorial and visual language away from scientific dryness, and towards a broader consumer and care provider marketplaces.

We began by visualizing the company’s purpose: the dynamic logo speaks both to a technological mastery and a humanistic aspiration. Structured as a series of centrifugal arcs, the mark moves with confidence and optimism. A color palette mimics motion with a set of gradients. Crisp typography ties together the message of scientific rigor and idealism. Working closely with the BioSensics team, we also rewrote all communications to resonate with the new brand: conveying both the science and the human-centered impact it makes.

“We are delighted with Ummo’s ability to translate our commitment to innovation and improving healthcare into a visually stimulating brand.”

Dr. Ashkan Vaziri, Founder and CEO, BioSensics

Equipped with these brand assets, the Ummo team developed multiple expressions, including a suite of marketing templates, branded gear, and a flagship website.

The website relies on prominent typography, a simple organizational structure, and clear content hierarchy to deliver a legible, navigable website. Together with scientists and inventors, we revised and edited and challenged one another—and at the end, found a dynamic balance between scientific veracity and public accessibility.

Movement is life — Inspired by the biometric data generated by BioSensics’ sensors, the logo is in constant motion.

But seriously — The identity speaks with directness and rigor, as befitting a biotech innovator.



Brand refresh and visual identity for a biotech innovator





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Ummo is gratified to work with biotech pioneers who make the world a healthier place.