In Veraine Veritas

Comprehensive visioning and branding for a new community

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Red-hot Greater Toronto Area can barely keep up with housing demand. Veraine, proximate to both the central business district and to the airport, is an intentional community that meets housing need while emphasizing environmental sustainability, wellness, and social amenities.

But before the first shovel ever hit the ground, Veraine had to make meaning, create buzz, and convince stakeholders.

Ummo’s brief was to brand a place that does not exist—to rise to the challenge of utopian urbanism. And, as important, the client challenged us to make a brand that doubles as an invitation to future residents to co-create the place.

“The look and feel entirely encapsulates everything that they had in mind.”

The client's marketing team, on how the brand reflects the initial vision.

In partnership with the client group, urban planners of Sasaki, and super-smart strategists of Futurebrand, we came up with a guiding value that worked overtime as a tagline: “make what you imagine.” It felt open-ended and inviting, while still tense with anticipation. The brand explored this theme with a wordmark whose letter shapes recall handmade techniques, a grounded color palette, and an unfussy first-person editorial tone that translates well in one of the most linguistically diverse regions in the world. The most striking expression of the brand are the visual scenes, made out of simple, gestural elements cut out against expanses of craft paper. The images instantly communicate the wonder of imagination—and prototyping the future with a pair of scissors and a tube of glue. Infinitely flexible, these scenes inform a suite of materials, including stationery, web communications, look books, and environmental graphics that will grow with the community in the coming decades. Unlike sleek campaigns for traditional real estate developments, Veraine’s brand is inclusive and approachable.

Etymology—Invented by our friends at Futurebrand, Veraine is a neologism that suggests the truth of “veritas,” natural environment of “verdant,” and topography of “moraine.”

Veraine Rides—We envisioned that the brand’s environmentally-conscious approach could be manifested in a fleet of driverless EVs.

Comprehensive —The brand encompasses traditional marketing media, environmental design, and a suite of digital products.



Comprehensive visioning and brand for a new community


Dorsay Development Corporation



Naming by Futurebrand, completed while at Sasaki


Invented by our friends at Futurebrand, Veraine is a neologism that suggests the truth of “veritas,” natural environment of “verdant,” and topography of “moraine.”