The journey towards liberation is never-ending. On this Juneteenth, we at Ummo are taking the time to reflect on the difficult path towards freedom and solidarity. As the medieval Persian poet Saadi reminds us, we are all on this journey together. 

New Year anew

Events, Found Objects

Sure, there’s Gregorian New Year, when we pop all the corks; Julian New Year, observed by Boston’s populous russophone diaspora; Lunar New Year, whose colors radiate heat; and Rosh Hashana, which gives us an excuse for apple picking in Vermont. In the drab days of March, though, we get down with Nowruz — a way to cheat winter and honor the many cultural traditions that come together at Ummo.

Olympic treasures

Thought Leadership, Found Objects

Four years before Deborah Sussman made “supergraphics” a household term (at least in Ummo’s household), the 1980 Moscow Olympiad created an idealized vision of the Soviet city. We came across an original set of posters and postcards in our ceaseless search for inspiration, and have been in a state of creative collusion ever since.